Now Open for In-Store Painting! Click here for store hours.

General Information

  1. Browse through our most popular pieces and collections.
  2. Select your piece(s) and add CLEAR GLAZE/FIRE option 
  3. Add paints & brushes if needed.
  4. We’ll prepare your order within 48 hours for pick-up at the studio or chose delivery to your home.
  5. Return your painted piece(s) to the store with easy curbside drop-off to be professionally glazed and kiln-fired to a brilliant food-safe finish.
  6. Items are ready 1 week later

PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS (click here to open in new window)

  • Pieces are naturally white. Anything you want white, do not paint.
  • All paint is non-toxic and washes out with water.
  • Shake paint containers before using, it will liquify to glue consistency.  Add a couple drops water if it is too thick!
  • Paint colors light to dark (dark shows thru light).  Blow\air dry, Paint again. Repeat. 3 thin coats are BEST!
  • If paint applied too thick it may lift in the kiln.  Remember - thin coats!
  • Use water to clean brushes between colours and dry with paper towel before moving to next colour.
  • Pencil marks burn away completely. Sketch lightly.
  • Initial all items with paint. Especially important on box lids & bottoms.
  • Return items to store for kiln firing. Items will be ready for pickup approximately 1 week later.
  • Held in store for a maximum of 45 days.
Paint will last forever - Reconstitute your paint
Add small amounts of water to your paint and shake until it is a "glue-like" consistency.


DELIVERY INFORMATION (click here to open in a new window)

We hand deliver within a 5 km radius of the store location.
Direct, careful delivery typically within 3-5 days.
You will receive an email notification when you order has been shipped.

Shipping Rates

FREE on Orders over *$100!

Orders *$30-$99  fee $15

Orders less than *$30 - N/A

Please contact the store for information on shipping outside the 5 km radius or any other challenges. We may already have in your area. We love to help!

* all order values are after discounts & promotions and before taxes